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A Guide to Bipolar Ionization

What is Bipolar Ionization? 

Do you keep a clean home or workplace? You would probably assume the air quality would match, but there could still be many harmful pathogens floating in the air around you. This is an unfortunate result of a natural process that cannot occur indoors without technological assistance. Interested in learning about bipolar ionization and how it works? Eagle X Pro is here to explain. 

Ions are naturally occurring particles that hold a positive or negative charge. They play a handy role in cleansing the air. When combined with H20, they cause a reaction that leads to the creation of hydrogen peroxide – an agent that eliminates pathogens.  


Since ions are not naturally found indoors, we cannot feel the benefits they can provide. That’s why we turn to bipolar ionization technology. These small devices are typically installed in your HVAC system to replicate what’s found in nature. 

How Bipolar Ionization Works 

Our technology can release ions into an indoor space, such as a(n): 


  • Home 

  • Airport 

  • Office 

  • Theater 

  • Supermarket 

  • Convention Center 

  • Worship Center 


Since there is no longer an absence of ions, hydrogen peroxide is formed, creating a disinfectant in the air. The pathogens floating around and resting on surfaces are eliminated, resulting in a healthier environment.  


Our products have been placed through numerous tests to ensure a quality result. When you utilize the power of bipolar ionization in your home or place of business, you can rest easy knowing you are breathing in fresh, clean air. 

Want to Know More About Bipolar Ionization and How It Works? 

The scary thing about pathogens is that we don’t know they’re near us. We can be completely oblivious to the harmful germs and bacteria floating right in front of our eyes. With bipolar ionization technology from Eagle X Pro, we can eliminate those contaminants and improve our health. Contact us today. 

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