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Advanced Indoor Air Solutions

Food Preservation Benefits

Without even realizing it, you could be dealing with harmful mold from your grow room or bacteria shortening the shelf life of your food. Air quality is extremely important in any scenario, but these cases can bring a mixture of unsafe products and loss of money. At Eagle X Pro, we provide advanced indoor air solutions thanks to our bipolar ionization technology.

Did you know that shortly after produce is harvested, it begins to excrete ethylene? Ethylene is a volatile organic compound (VOC) known to speed up the ripening process. While this might seem like a positive in some scenarios, the VOCs will typically lead to overripening, causing the produce to rot much faster. 


Thanks to our ion-producing indoor air technology, the bipolar ionization products can break down the ethylene and neutralize bacteria, which would otherwise ruin the produce. Your food will be safe and fresh. 

Grow Room Benefits 

Mold and marijuana can create a dangerous product, causing it to be completely useless and in need of immediate disposal. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue due to a lack of air purification. Grow rooms also need to deal with VOCs that can often leak out, potentially resulting in fines. 


With our indoor air solutions, you can rest easy knowing the product of your choice is neutralizing mold growth and breaking down VOCs. 

Other Benefits and Advantages 

  • Up to one trillion ions are released per second 

  • Increased HVAC efficiency 

  • Undetectable levels of ozone  

  • Self-cleaning units available 

  • Fully tested and certified 

Do You Need Advanced Indoor Air Solutions for Your Home or Business? 

Whether you’re looking for increased air quality for your grow room, your home, or a hospital, Eagle X Pro has precisely what you need. Contact us today so we can set you up with one of our bipolar ionization products. 

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