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Bipolar Ionization

What is Bipolar Ionization? 

In the great outdoors, there is a constant ion production process occurring that naturally cleans our air. What if we could replicate that natural process for indoor air conditioning? That’s exactly what we provide at Eagle X Pro, using bipolar ionization technology. Our tested products can neutralize pathogens and are 99.998% effective in wiping out SARS-CoV-2. 

Ions are naturally occurring atoms that contain more or fewer electrons than usual, making them positively or negatively charged. Using our patented technology, this process can be replicated, generating high-density O2+ and O2- ions. 


During bipolar ionization, these ions surround air particles and create hydrogen peroxide by combining with H20. The result is H202, or hydrogen peroxide, a disinfectant oxidizing agent. The H202 surrounds the airborne pathogens and even pathogens resting on surfaces. 


Once the hydrogen peroxide encounters the pathogens, it targets the protective protein structure and destroys it, leaving what’s left completely harmless to our bodies. 

How We Use Bipolar Ionization 

While bipolar ionization might occur naturally, it is not something that can occur indoors without a bit of help from technology. Our products are able to take what we know from nature to improve the indoor air quality, neutralizing harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungus. 

Our Products 

Our line of products has been thoroughly tested by ourselves and third parties to ensure the best quality air. For smaller spaces, we recommend our D5 fan, which has an ion output of up to 10 billion per second. 


Our D5 Series is useful for both commercial and residential spaces and has a CFM range of up to 2,400. Last but certainly not least, the Mounted D6 Series has an ion output of up to one trillion per second, plus a 24/7 self-cleaning feature. 

Looking to Get Cleaner Air Through Bipolar Ionization Technology? 

Ready to take your air quality to the next level? Eagle X Pro has exactly what you need to remove harmful pathogens from the air around you. Contact our team today, and we can help you choose the product that best fits your situation. 

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