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Bipolar Ionization Technology Explained

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Newer technology rises every day, week, and month. If you’re one of those who gets picky when it comes to devices and technologies that provide quality air to your home, then you should consider looking into bipolar ionization technology.

This superb technology is accurately dimensioned according to government standards and tailored to address your present air quality concerns. The beauty of bipolar ionization technology is that it can easily integrate into current residential and business HVAC systems. Simply place it near an airflow and electricity source to reap the benefits of this fantastic technology.

woman enjoying Bipolar Ionization Technology

What is Bipolar Ionization Technology?

Splits Molecules

Bipolar ionization technology breaks molecules apart in the air like water vapor into negatively and positively charged ions. These ions appear naturally and are commonly known as atoms that possess either a few or a lot of electrons than the ordinary.

The contrasting charges tend to engage one another to create a specific compound, such as the usual ionic compound that we see on our kitchen table, which is sodium chloride, commonly known as salt. Chlorine has one more electron, making it a negatively charged ion, while sodium has fewer electrons, making it a positively charged one.

The bipolar ionization technology operates to create ions akin to salt by only using water vapor. When the vapor molecules are penetrated by the high energy emitted by the system, they will split into H+ and O2-. The natural flow of these molecules will recombine, creating a reactive hydroxyl radical. Moreso, this output can eliminate hydrogen from other molecules, such as those that lead to germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Neutralizes Pathogens

During the process of bipolar ionization, the negative and positive ions border air particles. The added mass of ions helps the air particles fall to the ground and be pulled toward your home’s air filter to be removed. Moreover, as the negative and positive ions enclose the air particles that carry pathogens (e.g., mold spores, bacteria, and viruses), the ions pull hydrogen apart from the pathogens.

When it comes to viruses, hydrogen is drawn away from its capsid or protein coat. Why is this important? Hydrogen is the essential component of the actual form of the viral protein coat. Without this element, the virus can’t infect anyone. Think of the viral protein coat as locks and the outer proteins as keys. With a slight difference in the shape or component of the key (that is, the removal of hydrogen), it will no longer fit the lock.

Doesn’t Replace Higher Filtration

If you’re wondering whether bipolar ionization affects the HEPA filter of your HVAC, it doesn’t! Instead of replacing the higher filtration of your system, this process even helps strengthen the filtration solution to render bacteria, germs, and viruses harmless.

Since ions take time to eliminate pathogens, they should be integrated with something to boost the process. When these ions are integrated into an in-space system like the bipolar ionization, it creates a more effective result, especially when coupled with a HEPA filter.

man enjoying Bipolar Ionization Technology

Want to Know More About Bipolar Ionization Technology?

At Eagle X Pro, we provide quality bipolar ionization technology such as the D6 series mount, the D5 mount, and the D5 fan. If you have any questions on how this unique technology works, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff!


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