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How to Keep Your Family Safe from Airborne Viruses

The number of airborne viruses that people track in and out of your home is incredibly high. People who are infected with various diseases can release microscopic virus particles into the air when they exhale. These tiny particles can quickly. Luckily, there are ways to protect your house from these airborne viruses such as a bipolar ionizer for your home, portable air purifiers, and other air purifying products.

These devices can provide indoor air quality solutions by neutralizing the harmful pathogens in the air. Since viruses are often transmitted through contact with respiratory fluids, these devices can eliminate the infectious droplets and particles before they are inhaled.

While it's not surprising that the air quality can often be poor, there are different ways to improve it to protect your family. To get started on the different ways of improving the air quality in your home, get in touch with our team today!

Bipolar Ionizer for home

How You Can Improve Air Quality

Keep Your Area Clean

A clean house can reduce the spread of airborne viruses significantly. One way of protecting your loved ones from contaminants is by cleaning the different surfaces of your homes with eco-friendly cleaning products. With this simple method, you can lower the levels of dust allergens, contaminants, and molds.

Regular cleaning has proven to be effective in improving air quality by removing the different particles that can be carried out by the air. And by using disinfectants, you can significantly reduce the number of viruses forming on your surfaces. By scheduling regular professional cleanings, you can ensure that pollutants around your home will have less chance to mix in the air that you breathe.

Use Air-Cleaning Devices

Using equipment such as bipolar ionizers, HVAC systems, and other air purifiers is a great way to keep your air quality at an excellent level. These air-cleaning devices have proven time and again to be the most efficient way to improve air quality. You can choose from a wide variety of cleaning devices that can instantly amplify the amount of air cleaned in a given space.

Air-cleaning devices are a great investment with many positive benefits, especially to the health and safety of your family. These devices can neutralize airborne and surface pathogens, including viruses, mold, fungus, and bacteria. Having clean air can have a huge impact on the well-being of your household.

Create Proper Ventilation

Creating proper ventilation might be one of the most overlooked methods of improving air quality. This method ensures that the air you breathe isn’t being recycled over and over. By creating better ventilation, your building will have better air circulation, causing your residence to feel fresh and clean.

If your home has an HVAC system, it’s important to remember to keep air vents unblocked by placing furniture and boxes away from them. Proper ventilation can significantly improve the air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide that’s been building up in your home and creating new fresh oxygen into the air. It can likewise remove pathogens building up in the air by cycling it out of your house.

Avoid Air Pollutants

Airborne viruses aren’t the only things that are harmful to your family. Air pollutants such as cigarette smoke, chemical pollutants, and smog are just some of the pollutants that you can encounter. While some of these air pollutants are inevitable, there are some that you can prevent.

You can avoid these air pollutants by creating measures that can prevent or circumvent them from forming. By prohibiting smoking or by using eco-friendly cleaning agents you can significantly reduce the impact of these air pollutants. Your family will surely appreciate the clean air that you provide for them.

Bipolar Ionizer for home

Add Some Indoor Plants

Improving the air quality in your area can be as simple as adding some indoor plants. Indoor plants are known to significantly improve the air quality by releasing oxygen and reducing carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, as well as volatile organic compounds in the air. Plants are widely known as natural air purifiers, as they are the best solution to indoor air pollution.

Placing plants indoors will not only help purify the air around you but will also add a theme and style to your room. Indoor plants are also beneficial for physical and mental health as they provide an earthly vibe to your overall decor. If you’re looking for an easy and natural way to improve your air quality, then indoor plants are the way to go.

Have Your Air Quality Tested

While it can be difficult on what to focus on when purifying the air in your area, there are some ways to determine what airborne pollutant is most present in your area. One of the most effective methods is by having your air quality tested by professionals. This test can help prevent the formation of various air pollutants in your area.

Regular testing for the presence of air pollutants such as molds, toxic gases, and airborne viruses in your home can help you prepare for the next steps that you need to take. This can be done using air testing kits that are then submitted to the lab for analysis. By testing the air quality, you can protect your family from airborne viruses.

Bipolar Ionizer for home

Avoid Air Pollutants with a Bipolar Ionizer for Home

It's no surprise that most diseases that we contract come from the poor air quality in living spaces. Luckily, there are different ways to improve the quality of air that we breathe and prevent respiratory problems altogether. Here at Eagle X Pro, we provide an optimal solution for the best indoor air quality.

Get to know more about the services that we offer when you contact our customer service today!


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