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Residential Installation

Quality Services

Are you interested in increasing the quality of your indoor air to match the fresh cleanliness of outdoor air? Thanks to our patented bipolar ionization technology that can be a reality for your home. However, our services go beyond simply providing the solution. We offer residential installation for increased convenience and product capability.  

We want you to get the most out of our products. The pathogens in the air can cause various health problems, so it’s important to take advantage of professional installation services, which will maximize the effectiveness of the device. 


Our goal is to provide the best products and the best service. After we complete the installation, we’ll leave your home as spotless as it was when we arrived. The full satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.  

Amazing Technological Advances 

Bipolar ionization is a natural process that is continuously happening around us, but we are unfortunately unable to benefit from that process when we’re indoors. Using our technology, it can be replicated effortlessly, allowing you to feel the benefits of nature from the comfort of your home. 

Our Products 

Depending on the size of your home, we have various products available. These include: 


D5 Fan 


This fan is useful for single rooms or those with smaller homes. It can easily be moved around as well, making it a convenient option for many.  


D5 Series D5-M 


Our team can install this device in your HVAC system, which has an ion output of up to 10 billion per second and a CFM range of up to 2,400. 


Mounted D6 Series 


If you have a larger home, we recommend installing the Mounted D6 Series. It features a self-cleaning function and an ion output of up to one trillion per second. 

Do You Need Residential Installation of Innovative Air Solutions? 

Our Eagle X Pro team is available to install one of our advanced air solutions in your home. Consistently eliminating the pathogens around you will help you live a healthier life. Contact us today so you can take the next step toward cleaner air.

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