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Solving Poor Air Quality

The Problem 

Poor air quality probably isn’t something you think about a lot, but if you aren’t making an effort to improve it, the air can be filled with contaminants such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. At Eagle X Pro, we have the ion moisture solutions to neutralize these harmful pathogens, creating a much cleaner space

When we’re outside, bipolar ionization occurs naturally. It cleanses our air so we can take a deep breath that’s not filled with contaminants that can damage our health. When we’re inside, there is a much lower ion concentration. This results in a much lower chance of the process occurring. 


So, what do we do to change that? While some traditional methods have been moderately effective in the past, we have taken it upon ourselves to do better. 

Traditional Solutions 

For years, the only convenient solution to better air quality was the use of a thin filter placed in your HVAC system. While this can be useful in trapping larger particles, the microscopic particles would have no problem bypassing the filter. The air could still be contaminated with harmful pathogens.  

Our Ion Moisture Solutions 

Our goal at Eagle X Pro is to find better solutions to improve air quality by increasing the ion density levels indoors, consequently eliminating nearly 100% of contaminants. Using our bipolar ionization technology, the ions will mix with the moisture in the air to create hydrogen peroxide (H202).  


The H202 will then seek out and destroy the protective protein structure of harmful pathogens in the air. 

Ready to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality? 

Clean air is essential for healthy living, especially inside hospitals, warehouses, airports, and public transportation vehicles. At Eagle X Pro, we’ve helped numerous residents and businesses improve their air quality through our technology. Are you interested in pathogen-free air? Contact us today! 

* Tested by independent third-party labs. In a lab setting. Lab results do not guarantee that any indoor environment is free from pathogens. Field results in indoor space may be different in correlation to the space size, HVAC system, airflow, ventilation, number of people, etc.

** Based on UL test

DISCLAIMER:   Eagle X Pro ionization technology is not a medical device aimed to treat symptoms and/or cure any disease, including COVID-19 and/or any other medical condition.

NOTE: Ion output and Ion concentration in the space may change (changes in airflow, humidity, temperature, CFM, HVAC system, structure, room size, etc).

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