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How Do Aerosol Sprays Impact Air Quality?

Aerosol sprays have been around for decades, and their continued use poses a significant danger to our health and the environment. Luckily, there are indoor air quality products that can help with aiding your needs. So how do these aerosol sprays impact the air quality?

The constant use of aerosol sprays can have countless adverse effects on the quality of air that we breathe. From intensifying air pollution and the production of smog to increasing the number of dust particles in the air, aerosol sprays are without a doubt harmful to the environment. To stop this from happening, people should look for safer alternatives to improve the air quality.

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Aerosol Spray Environmental Effects

Increases the Production of Smog

When sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere, it creates a photochemical smog that not only reduces the visibility of the surrounding area, but it also carries harmful chemicals. The result can also cause plant damage, irritation of the eyes, and respiratory diseases. Aerosol sprays intensify the production of smog that affects the overall quality of air that we breathe.

Gaseous Pollutants Become Widespread

Gaseous pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide are produced more rapidly with each use of aerosol sprays. These pollutants can stay in the atmosphere for days and weeks, traveling great distances at that time. The gaseous pollutants that travel can traverse around major cities, towns, and even continents, bringing along their toxic compounds for people to breathe.

Expands Dust Particles in the Air

The different dust particles that we breathe in the air are likewise dangerous if you breathe in exorbitant amounts. Spraying aerosol expands the invisible dust particles in the air that increase as time passes by. Moreso, breathing in dust particles can cause serious damage not only to your lungs but also to your overall respiratory track.

Increases Air Pollutants

Aerosol sprays are known to increase pollutants in the air that deplete the quality of air that we breathe. Nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide are air pollutants that can mix with the air that we breathe.

Aerosol at Home

Toxic air is closer than you might think. Daily household items such as cleaning products, candles, and gas burners can emit aerosols that can be harmful to your health.

Using chemical-heavy products increases the aerosol concentration in the air while burning, spraying, and applying these products. The quality of air that you breathe at home must contain as few air pollutants as possible.

To help reduce the accumulation of these dangerous chemicals in your home, avoid chemical-heavy products such as ammonia, xylene, and formaldehyde. Choose a more natural approach when cleaning your home by using all-natural ingredients. You can also avoid artificial air fresheners, which can release multiple toxic chemicals into the air.

indoor air quality

Ready to Know More About Our Indoor Air Quality Technology?

When it comes to neutralizing harmful pathogens, Eagle X Pro provides the best innovative solutions for improving your indoor air quality at your facilities. To learn more about the different products that we offer, contact our dedicated customer service today!


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