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Commercial Installation

Quality Services

At Eagle X Pro, our expert team is prepared to give you the best innovative solutions to improve air quality. This is especially important in a commercial building or office as you’ll want to provide the cleanest air for your employees. Proper installation is necessary to gain every advantage of our bipolar ionization technology, so we offer installation services for those who make a purchase. 

We always strive to fully satisfy our customers. From the purchasing process to experiencing the feeling of clean air throughout your building, we are dedicated to meeting your air quality needs and service expectations.  


To reap the full list of benefits offered by our technology, we highly recommend allowing us to install the products for you. We guarantee that your purchased product will be set up to work at its highest capacity of effectiveness. Without proper installation, there’s a high chance your building is not getting the cleanest air possible. 

Incredible Technological Advances

Our innovative technology uses bipolar ionization, a method that neutralizes harmful pathogens in the air, such as viruses and bacteria. This process occurs naturally outdoors, but we need to use artificial means to replicate it for indoor use.   

Our Products 

Some of the products that we have for you include: 


D5 Fan 


This fan is perfect for small spaces. If you only have to worry about one room or a smaller office space, this could be exactly what you need. 


D5 Series D5-M 


This product is very popular for commercial installations and has an incredible ion output of up to 10 billion per second. 


Mounted D6 Series 


This larger, self-cleaning device is the model of choice for many larger commercial spaces. It boasts the highest ion output per second and is designed for installation in HVAC systems. 

Are You Looking for Commercial Installation of Innovative Air Solutions? 

Eagle X Pro has what you need for increased air quality in your commercial space. If you need installation services, please let us know. Contact us today to get started. 

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